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A few years early when bracelets were considered chick’s jewelry, the only men who were seen wearing them may be the rock stars and fashion insiders, under spotlights. Fortunately those days have gone. Fashion has become a more personal and equal thing to both men and women, in and out of fashion industry. From outdoor parties to office buildings downtown, bracelets have occupied the wrists of guys in varies ages and styles.

Still not sure whether you should give it a shot? We’ve got a few very good reasons for you to do so.

First, bracelets are the best choice to enhance your personal style and help add a chic touch to your outfit. You can hardly expect that from a wedding band. And a heavy biker necklace may be a little too much for a beginner. The best thing about bracelets is their flexibility to be either single or multiple, complex or simple. And they come in all kinds of materials, styles and prices.

Secondly, bracelets allow you to fully express yourself without going overboard. Believe it or not, bracelets send messages about you too, but not in the way rings do. They speak aloud of your life style, your interests and even your personality. People can tell whether you are a world traveler, a surfer, a modern art fan, or a person with certain character, just from the bracelets on your wrists.

The last and the most convincing one, a catchy bracelet can be an ultimate conversation starter when someone is trying to get to know you in pubs. Normally you can’t expect a girl to comment on your shirt. But a unique bracelet, on the contrary, can lead you into an interesting small talk, maybe more.

Although bracelets for men almost cover every age, taste and budget, any guy can throw on a few to complement his outfit, there are some rules you wanna follow to pull it off. Now let’s just list the most important three.

  1. Comfortable & Confident

Like any clothes and accessories, it’s not the bracelets you want to show off but a more stylish and confident you standing out by wearing them. Make sure that you are comfortable and feel natural with them. A thin wrist might not feel good with a heavy chunky biker bracelet, nor will it look good. Try a slim leather one instead. Stick to bracelets that are comfortable with you is rule No.1. You must feel confident first.

  1. Style & Occasion

Always keep your individual style in mind when choosing bracelets. If you have a casual style and wear black jeans and T-shirt to work, a platinum bracelet paved with diamonds will look obtrusive and strange on you. A genuine leather bracelet with sterling silver charms will be much better. If your style tends to more refined, a subdued piece like simple silver cuff bracelet may go well with your suit and tie.

Think of the occasions you are going to walk into before putting on any bracelets. A client would probably pass out if he sees his lawyer coming into the court with a heavy punk style chain bracelet around his wrist. Make sure your bracelets match the occasions as well as your outfits.

  1. Mix & Match

It’s fine if you only wear one bracelet and save the other wrist for you watch. But this is a time honoring unique individual style rendered by mix and match. No need to panic. Follow a few tips, you can bring a stylish look to your everyday outfits with bracelets stacked on your wrists. First, only allow one main bracelet on each of your wrists and others act as its supports. Second, let different materials go together, for example, a sterling silver cuff bracelet goes well with a hand braided genuine leather bracelet. Third, adjust the color temperature by pairing the cold (silver and black) ones with the warm (colorful, original leather color) ones to produce a harmonious tone.

If you are not one hundred present sure, you can always begin with a simple one like a sterling silver ID bracelet. It’s pretty easy, right?